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Pamela Smart was the perfect tabloid fodder. Her case led to books and movies, including the 1995 film To Die For, which starred Nicole Kidman as a weather reporter for an affiliate news station who enlists three teens, played by Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck and Alison Folland, to kill her husband. But who’s the femme fatale behind the headlines?

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Pamela Wojas was the perfect girlfriend. She was talented, beautiful and had a sexual appetite to rival any red-blooded male. In 1986 Wojas met her future husband, Greggory Smart, at a New Year’s Eve party. No sooner had their eyes connected across the busy room than they became inseparable. Within weeks of meeting they formed a serious relationship and by February of that year they took their relationship to the next level by getting engaged. Two years later they married. Shortly into the marriage the young couple hit a speed bump head on and began to have serious problems, mainly due to the fact that Pamela wasn’t satisfied with being a stay-at-home wife.


Within weeks of the honeymoon coming to an end Pam took a job as media coordinator at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire. This is where she met naive student William “Billy” Flynn at “Project Self-Esteem”, a local drug awareness program at Winnacunnet High School, where both were volunteers.


Pam used all her seductive charms to impress Flynn, who was a very gullible 15-year-old, pulling out all the stops including their mutual interest in heavy metal music. Flynn, who

was a sophomore, soon became infatuated with Smart and went out of his way to be helpful during the sessions. He also visited Smart daily in her office, where Flynn later introduced her to Cecilia Pierce, who was also an intern.


On May 1, 1990, after a particularly long day, Smart returned home to find her apartment ransacked and her husband in a pool of his own blood in front of the TV. Police officials stated at the time of the crime they thought the crime scene looked like it had been a disrupted burglary.


Later, Smart was accused of seducing 15-year-old Flynn and threatening to stop having sex with him unless he killed her husband. Flynn did so with the help of friends Patrick Randall, Vance Lattime, Jr., and Raymond Fowler. Flynn shot Greggory Smart as Randall held him down, while Lattime, the driver, waited in the getaway car outside with Fowler.


Flynn, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Gregg Smart and was sentenced to 28 years to life in prison, testified against his ex-lover Smart, and said she wanted her husband dead so she wouldn’t lose her condo, furniture and dog in a divorce. Flynn testified that Smart helped plan her husband’s killing to make it look like a burglary. He stated she persuaded him and his friends to kill her husband so she and Flynn could be together. She also stood to gain $140,000 from insurance on Gregg Smart’s life.


During the investigation, J.R. Lattime’s father brought a38 calibre pistol he had found in his house to the police, believing it might have been the murder weapon. An anonymous tip also indicated that a teenager named Cecilia Pierce was aware of the plan. Police talked to Cecilia, who then agreed to wear a wire and record some conversations with Smart in hopes that she would say something incriminating.

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On August 1, 1990, at 1:05 p.m., Detective Daniel Pelletier entered Smart’s office unannounced. Smart recognized him, having spoken to him on at least six other occasions. Taken by surprise, she asked, “What’s up?” “Well, Pam,” Pelletier said in the recording, “I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that we’ve solved the murder of your husband. The bad news is you’re under arrest.” “What for?” Smart asked. “First-degree murder. Stand up and face the wall.” Smart was then handcuffed and arraigned in Derry District court and taken to the Rockingham County Jail.


Smart was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole and has maintained her innocence that she had nothing to do with plotting her husband’s murder. Smart, who was incarcerated at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York State, told WCVB in 2010, “I never wanted Gregg killed. I never wanted him to kill Gregg. I never asked him to. I never insinuated that I wanted him to kill my husband.”


“I’m so much more than the worst mistake of my life,” she also told the affiliate station at the time. “I feel like I’ve been frozen in time inside that mistake to get involved with Bill, and I have never been able to get out of it.”


Smart also alleged in a 2010 interview with Marie Claire that she had been raped by a guard while serving time and had been beaten by two other inmates in 1996.


Smart’s spokeswoman, Eleanor Pam, also told WCVB, “Is it justice for the men who are directly responsible for the murder of Gregg Smart to be released while Pamela Smart, who was neither directly or indirectly responsible for his killing, remains in prison for the rest of her natural life without the possibility of parole?”


In the final moments of Smart’s husband’s waking life he had Randall holding a knife to his throat and Flynn asking God for forgiveness before firing the .38-calibre revolver head-on. Gregg hit the deck with a thud before bleeding.


Sleep tight and don’t have nightmares....


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